Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Question and Answers: Part 1

Question No. 1:
My question is in regard to how to effectively organize your coupons so that when you go into a store and see something that you THINK you might have a coupon on, you can put your hands on it without much trouble. I am a Target shopper and always look for the clearance items and would like to be able to look to see if I do have a coupon on that item that is clearanced without having to spend a lot of time flipping through coupons in the middle of the aisle! Thanks for all you do for us bargain hunters!

My favorite method of coupon organization is the binder method. It's great because all of the coupons are very easy to find and everything is well organized. It does take a lot of time to organize at first, but should only take about 30 minutes every week to keep organized. I currently use a 2 inch binder, however, if you are just getting started using coupons I would suggest a about an inch binder. For more information about this method look at this old post. For other coupon organization methods check here.

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