Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mississippi Coupon Classes

I will be in Mississippi on Saturday, July 16th teaching a coupon class in Laurel, MS. If anyone is interested in booking a class for that afternoon in MS, please email me at and I can give you all the details. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello New Couponers!!

If you're new to couponing, welcome!! I think you're going to be AMAZED at how much you can save just by using coupon. Last year alone, my family of 3 saved well over $8000 just by using coupons!!! So many people ask me how long it takes and is it worth it to coupon?? I always say, it's well worth it and it usually only takes me about 30 minutes to an hour a week to coupon the way I do. Now, if you've watched the Extreme Couponing Show on TLC, I'm nothing like these ladies and men, however I still can save but I coupon on a smaller scale.

If you're interested in learning the secrets to couponing, I currently teach classes in Alabama and will travel outside the state if needed. Classes range in price from $10 to $15 per person and they last 2 hours. During the class you will learn the following: Couponing Tips, Where to Get Coupons, Coupon Organization, Shopping at Publix and CVS (Or your local grocery store), Local Store Policies and much more!!! Each person will receive a coupon booklet and you then can email me at any time for questions!! I'll be glad to help you in any way possible.

To give you an idea of how much you can save, check out this picture of some items I purchased from Publix recently!

Okay, so before you take a look at all the stuff, please remember that I don't shop like this every week. This trip was very EXTREME and most of my trips look nothing like this. I just wanted to show you all how much you could get and how much you can save. ( My weekly trips usually involve smaller quantities and fewer coupons) Everything that I bought, my family will use and we are also going to give most of it away. (If you know of a local family who is struggling and would love to have some groceries, please email me and I can take them some stuff or will be glad to meet you somewhere) Always remember that if you can get items FREE or even better if you can be paid to buy the items then grab them and donate to those in need. My family feels like God has blessed us so much and we love that he is my couponing classes and even shopping trips to bless others as well. He has given us so much and we are forever grateful!

Okay, so on to the trip!

Here are the items I purchased:

2 Bags of Shredded Cheese (Not Pictured)

2 1/2 Gallons of Almond Milk

6 Boxes of Cheese It's

5 Boxes of Pepperidge Baked Snacks

10 Jars of Pasta Sauce (Raincheck)

25 Boxes of Pasta

89 Bags of Yellow Rice

86 Bottles of Propel Water

4 Boxes of Yogurt

1 Bag of Potatoes

1 Carton of Strawberries

1 Bunch of Bananas

3 Packages of Chicken

1 Package of Hamburger Meat

4 Bottles of Sundown Vitamins

4 Containers of Butter

4 Containers of Cooking Creams

4 Cream Cheese Mini Packs

100 Mentos Candy

4 Packages of Hotdogs

1 Bottle of Ketchup

1 Package of Chicken Tenders

1 Box of Spinach

1 Bottles of Apple Juice

2 Containers of Lysol Wipes

3 Packages of Peanut Butter Crackers

Order Total = -17.56

Tax = $18.79

Grand Total = $1.23

Saved $534.31!!

When I was checking out I actually had to run back and grab 3 more items to make my amount go into the positive. The great thing I love about it, is that we needed milk which usually runs for around $3.00. We ended up getting all the above products for less than that amount and we even grabbed 2 cartons of milk!!

So, don't delay!!! Come to a coupon class or book a class for your friends and family. You won't be dissappointed!!! For class information, email Thanks!!

New Coupon Class Schedule

New OPEN Classes have been posted!!! Also, I am now scheduling classes for July and August if you would like to host a class. (Hostess gets the class FREE!!)

(I will travel outside Tuscaloosa if needed)

Here is an updated Coupon Class schedule for the next few months. Please email me at ( if you are interested in attending one of them. Classes are $10 per person (unless noted below) and include a packet of information and door prizes. All classes usually last about 2 hours.

All classes in Blue are Open Classes
All classes Red are Private Classes

July 11th @ Univeristy of Alabama

July 12th @ 6:30pm -- Union Hill Baptist Church in Rock Creek, AL

($5 donation to Tornado victims)

July 15th @ 6:00pm -- Capstone Church (Power Cooking and Couponing Class) (FREE)

July 16th @ 10am -- Life Church (Laurel, Mississippi) ($15 per person)

July 19th @ 4:30pm -- Hospice of West Alabama

July 21st @6:00pm -- Northwood Hills Baptist Church (Northport, AL)

July 23rd @ 10am -- Lakeview Community Church (McCalla, AL)

July 25th @ 5:30pm -- University of Alabama Child Dev. Center

July 30th @ 9:30am -- Jemison First Baptist Church (Jemison, AL) ($15 per person)

Thirty One Consultant!

Are you interested in making a little bit of extra money every month?? If so, then you should consider becoming a Thirty One Consultant!!

You're are going to LOVE Thirty One products! If you’re not a seller, there is no need to worry because these products sell themselves. I have been a consultant since August of last year and I have been more than pleased with the outcome. To be honest with you, I haven’t even hosted a home party and I’ve walked away many months with free products and a commission check as well. (Consultants make 25% commission off products). I’ve been successful just by hosting catalog parties, which not only works with my busy lifestyle but also allows me to sell an amazing product!

When you Join Thirty One as an Independent Thirty One Consultant, it is fun and extremely easy. Thirty One offers a unique opportunity to start your own home based business for a very minimal cost, just $99! When you see the possibiliteies a Thirty One Gifts Business has, and realize the success that so many other consultants have already experienced you will realize that this is one business opportunity you don’t want to pass up!!

To give you an idea of what you can earn and make see below:

This past month by commission check was over $300 and I got the following products completely free since I hosted a show by myself:

2 Small Thermal Totes (Reg. Price $12.00 each)
1 Small Thermal Tote Monogrammed (Reg. Price $16.00)
1 Large Utility Tote (Reg. Price $36.00)
1 Cosmetic Bag Monogrammed (Reg. Price $31.00)
1 Flat Iron Case (Reg. Price $20.00)
1 Compact Mirror (Reg. Price $10.00)
1 Manicure Set (Reg. Price $16.00)
1 Albany Bag Monogrammed (Reg. Price $54.00)
1 Organizing Utility Tote Monogrammed (Reg. Price $28.00)

That’s a total of $223.00 in products completely free!!!

Thirty One at the current time is in a Recruitment Freeze because the business is growing sooo fast! No need to worry though, because in June they allowed the first 3,000 on the waitlist to sign up. Hopefully in July and August more will be able to join as well. To get on the waitlist to join, you can visit my website and click “Join my team”. Keep in mind that this will not be an outright commitment, you will not order your kit yet and you have plenty of time to ask questions. Selecting "Yes, I am going to sign up when I can" (vs. "Maybe, I am thinking") will guarantee you an open spot as soon as the freeze ends.

Once there are spots open, you will get an email saying that you can go ahead and sign up. You will have 2 weeks from that date to sign on as a consultant and you will place your order for your starter kit then.

Frequently Asked Questions about Joining Thirty-One as a Consultant:

Q: What does it cost to join?

A: Your enrollment kit costs $99 and you will receive more than $300 worth of products and business supplies. Everything in the kit is yours to keep!

Q: How do I make money with Thirty-One?

A: Your commission is 25% of what you sell. You also can make added revenue dependent on the number of recruits you have enrolled.

Q: Does Thirty-One have any sales requirements?

A: Once you are a qualified consultant (which means you have made $1,000 in sales), you need to sell $250 in product each quarter to remain active.

Q: Is it hard to sell $250/quarter?

A: It really isn't. An average party yields about $450 in sales.

Q: Will I have support?

A: You bet. In addition to having a full team at the Home Office, terrific online resources and a Director you can call whenever you need to talk, you will have ME.

If you have any questions about becoming a hostess please feel free to email me at any time at or you can call me at 205-886-8070.

I think you’re going to LOVE Thirty One and the best part about the company is not only earning products and commission, but that it is also a Christian based company. It’s a great company to work for and they give God all the glory which makes it even better!!!

Looking forward to hopefully having you on my team soon!

(If you are interested in hosting a catalog party at his time, email me as well and I can send you information.)


Tara Whitaker

Monday, July 4, 2011

Coupon Binders

If you don't have a coupon binder already, you gotta check out this site!! They have the cutest coupon binders ever!