Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black Friday Sale Ads

Are you a Black Friday Shopper?? If so, then you will want to check out the following site: www.bfads.net. They already have a ton of ads posted for next Friday and you can also make shopping lists for each store. Happy Shopping!!

Starbucks Promotion

Starbucks has an upcoming “12 Days of Sharing” promo! Just text 12DAYS to 29943 to sign up. You will receive one offer per day starting on December 1st.
**Standard Text Messaging rates do apply.

(Thanks, My Dallas Mommy!)

Pay It Forward Challenge

One of my favorite blogs that read is Hip 2 Save. She has some of the best bargains on there and she also has weekly giveaways and videos that are fun to watch. Yesterday, she posted a video about a Pay it Forward Challenge. She went to Starbucks and gave them $300 to put toward orders that were being placed. How awesome is that!! I'm sure that so many people had a better day just by the little surprise that their coffee was already paid for that morning. Have you ever had this happen to you? I've had this happen twice at two different restaurants, where an anonymous person paid for my meal. It really made my day when it happened and I don't think I will ever forget about it. So, with the Holiday season approaching, I challenge you to pay it forward to others around you. Here are a few examples: Pay for someones order in a Drive Thur, Babysit for a family for free, prepare a dinner for an elderly couple, give a gift for no reason at all and I'm sure that there are many others.
Does anyone have any other suggestions or has any one had a Pay it Forward experience happen to them. Please share, we would all love to hear.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Recipe Swap

Starting today through Friday night I will be taking recipes for a recipe swap. To participate send a recipe or recipes to southernsavings@aol.com. I will then make a master list of all the recipes and will email it back to everyone who is participating. Email me with any questions.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Homemade Christmas Gifts

I've had so many wonderful frugal Christmas ideas and I can't wait to share them all with you this week. My favorite ideas so far are all of the handmade Christmas gifts for friends and family members.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

--Decorate Plastic Soap Containers (I saw these at Christmas village for over $5 each and it would be so much cheaper to do these yourself)

-- Make Photo Calendars from Snap Fish or another online photo company. Most of these will have free codes until the end of December, so you could possible get a great deal on these!

-- Coupon Books: Make coupon books for your children or spouse. Include some of the following: Your Choice for Dinner Coupon, Movie Rental Coupon, A Day with Mom, Etc.

Do you have any Christmas gift ideas to share?

Coupon Classes Updated

Here is an updated Coupon Class schedule for the next few months. Please email me at (southernsavings@aol.com or tlc1982@aol.com) if you are interested in attending one of them. Classes are $10 per person and include a packet of information and door prizes. All classes usually last about 2 hours.

All classes in Blue are private classes
All classes in Pink are open to public
Sunday, November 14th @ 2:30pm (Thorsby, AL)
Saturday, November 20th @ 10am (First Free Will Baptist Church - Northport, AL)
Sunday, November 21st @ 3pm (Fort Payne, AL)
Monday, November 22nd @ 5:45pm (Five Points Baptist Church - Northport, AL)
Monday, November 29th @ 6:30pm (Private Class)
Tuesday, November 30th (Gilgal Church - Tuscaloosa, AL)
Thursday, December 2nd @ 3pm (Englewood School)
Sunday, December 5th @ 2:00pm (Private Class) (Hester)
Tuesday, December 7th @ 3:00pm (Alabama Power Company Meeting)
January 10th (Private Class)
January 20th (Private Class) (Crocker)
January 23rd @ Centreville Chamber of Commerce

I am also taking bookings for churches, offices and home parties as well. For more information on those please email me.