Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pay It Forward Challenge

One of my favorite blogs that read is Hip 2 Save. She has some of the best bargains on there and she also has weekly giveaways and videos that are fun to watch. Yesterday, she posted a video about a Pay it Forward Challenge. She went to Starbucks and gave them $300 to put toward orders that were being placed. How awesome is that!! I'm sure that so many people had a better day just by the little surprise that their coffee was already paid for that morning. Have you ever had this happen to you? I've had this happen twice at two different restaurants, where an anonymous person paid for my meal. It really made my day when it happened and I don't think I will ever forget about it. So, with the Holiday season approaching, I challenge you to pay it forward to others around you. Here are a few examples: Pay for someones order in a Drive Thur, Babysit for a family for free, prepare a dinner for an elderly couple, give a gift for no reason at all and I'm sure that there are many others.
Does anyone have any other suggestions or has any one had a Pay it Forward experience happen to them. Please share, we would all love to hear.

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  1. I am a big fan of paying it forward... Dave Ramsey does this often on his show and inspires other to do the same.