Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Menu Plan

I've had alot of readers ask about making meal plans, so I figured I would let you all see what our meal plan is for April. Meal plans tend to save you a ton of money because you don't have to run to the store at the last minute to buy items that you need for supper and you also won't be running through the drive thur of a restaurant because you can't decide what to fix for dinner. I always usually try to use products that we already have at home and usually we only have to buy produce, meat and dairy once a week + any items that I want to stockpile.

Here is a look at our meal plan for April. (If you are interested in any recipes, please e-mail me at

We try to eat every meal at home during the week. We usually grab dinner on Friday nights or Saturdays, however I'll go ahead and think of a quick meal even for those nights in case we stay home. We usually eat out on Saturdays and on Sundays nights.

Monday: Crockpot Night
Tuesday: Mexican Night
Wednesday: Italian Night
Thursday: Casserole Night
Friday: Pizza or Fast & Easy Dinners
Saturday: Lunch Out & Easy Dinners
Sunday: Fast & Easy Lunches & Pick Up Dinner

1. Tator Tot Casserole
2. Dinner Out
3. Chicken Cordo Blue, Rice, Veggies
4. Lunch at Parents

5. BBQ Ribs, Baked Beans, Mac & Cheese
6. Mexican Burritos, Mexican Rice and Chips
7. Baked Ziti, Salad and Bread
8. Crescent Chicken and Veggies
9. Pizza
10. Bama Steak Sandwiches and Chips
11. Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Mac & Cheese
12. Cream Cheese Chicken, Rice and Veggies
13. Mexican Cornbread Casserole and Chips
14. Shrimp Fettuccine, Bread and Salad
15. Poppyseed Chicken and Rice
16. Sloppy Joes and Chips
17. Club Sandwiches and Chips
18. Roast, Potatoes and Carrots
19. Chicken and Noodles, Bread
20. Tacos, Rice and Chips
21. Spaghetti, Salad and Bread
22. Hashbrown Casserole
23. Pizza
24. Colton's Birthday Party!
25. Fried Chicken Salads
26. Italian Chicken, Rice and Veggies
27. Quesadilla, Beans, Rice and Chips
28. Homemade Pizza
29.Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Mac & Cheese
30. Hamburgers and Chips

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