Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Goals, Budget and Challenge

Since it's the beginning of the month, I thought I would challenge everyone to set a grocery budget and try to stick to it. Plus, by keeping up with your total you will see where you stand next month before starting hard core using coupons.

Here is my family budget:
$15.00 weekly to be used on stockpiling items (cheap/free items) == 75.00
$50.00 monthly on meats == 50.00
$15.00 weekly on produce, dairy, etc. == 75.00

**Note: Grocery budget includes the following for my household:
Breakfast and Lunch for myself (Mon-Friday) -- Approx. 23 meals
Dinner for family (5 nights out of the week) -- Approx. 23 meals
Lunch for family (Sunday) -- 4 meals this month
Snacks for family

Breakdown: 50 meals (lunch or dinner) with $200 Budget == $4.00 per meal

Total = $200.00 ($40.00 per week)

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