Monday, November 8, 2010

Cakes 4 Baby123

Sheana over at Cakes 4 Baby123 has the cutest diaper cakes!! If you need a creative gift for an upcming baby shower then this would be the perfect idea!
To find Sheanna on facebook search Sheana Jacobs Sexton (go to photos and find the album called My Cakes4Baby123 stuff) or you can check out her website.

Items Available:
Diaper Cakes:
Tiny - Large Centerpieces sizes,
Diaper Bears
It's a Girl or It's a Boy,
Sports Themed
Happy 1st B'day Diaper Bears
Diaper Wreaths Med & Large sizes
Baby Washcloth Rose Bouquets or single Roses

Tiny Diaper Bundles-Washcloth wrapped around 3 diapers topped with a pacifier great for extra table decorations at any shower

Bridal Shower Towel Centerpiece cakes made from Bath & Hand Towels or Kitchen Towels with Utensils as the topper

Sheana has something for every budget. Prices starting as low as $3 for Baby Bundles and single Roses. Prices starting as low as $10 for Baby Washcloth Rose Bouquets and Tiny Diaper Cakes. Cup cake size Diaper Cakes starting around $15. Prices starting as low as $25 for medium diaper cakes and Bears (sports themed Bears and Cakes slightly higher due the the cost of the sports themed merchandise used on them)Large Diaper Cakes starting around $40 (Centerpiece size)Towel cakes range $25-$45 depending on the what the order will need to consist of and the cost of the towels being used at the customer request.

Custom orders accepted all prices vary slightly with the request from the person ordering the prices listed above are general prices for her items as long as request from the customer isn't to far out of the box or norm. Adding initials or name may slightly increase the price...

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