Friday, July 9, 2010

Publix Policy!!

I received an email a few days ago about the coupon policy in Northport changing since they are getting a new manager. Thanks to one of my readers, I forwarded the email to all of my readers and got everyone to send Publix a comment on their website about it. Well, it must have worked because several of you have told me that the new manager personally called you himself and told you that the coupon policy was staying the same!!! He realizes that coupons are such a great tool for their company and he is going to get the current policy! This is GREAT news!! Thanks again for sending out those emails!!!!


  1. great!!! otherwise i won't frequent it!. piggly wiggly doesn't accept internet coupons and neither does food world.

  2. Tara, thanks so much for letting us know. I usually shop at the University Store because their policy is great about competitor coupons. I recently started shopping at the Northport Publix just because the store is so much larger and their policy is the same. Do you know if either of these stores takes Walgreens Register Rewards? I was trying to get the University Store to look in to it, but manager's changed and I dropped the ball.