Thursday, July 8, 2010

Donation Drive & Coupon Swap!

As some of you may know, Southern Savings and Deals is a sponsor for Gabe's Hope, an organization based out of Tuscaloosa. Gabe's Hope reaches out to those families who have children in NICU by giving them a care package for their first few days in the hospital. The care package consist of basic toiletries, items for baby, books or magazine for parents, gift cards, etc. We're going to be teaming up with Gabe's Hope this year in helping them get the items for these packages.

As a couponer in Tuscaloosa I have a ton of items in my stockpile that I've gotten for FREE or really cheap. Some items I will never use so I'm going to be donating these items to Gabe's Hope. So, do any of you have any items that you're not going to be using within the next few months?? If so, please consider donating these items to Gabe's Hope. Any donation whether large or small will be greatly appreciated.

If you have items (toiletries) or even samples that you would like to donate please stop by Five Points Baptist Church this Saturday at 1:30pm!! We will also be having a coupon swap party that you can attend as well. If you have any coupons that you want to swap, bring them with you and we will be swapping coupons with other couponers in the area.

Also, as an added bonus anyone who makes any donation will have their name added to a drawing to win a $15 gift card to This drawing will take place at the end of November so that you have time to use the gift card before Christmas!

Thanks so much and please feel free to email me with any questions!

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