Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All You Magazine Deal!!! $0.63 per issue!

Once again, Ebates is offering up 52% cash back on Magazines.com purchases today, July 26th! Now please keep in mind that if you purchase a subscription to All You magazine, you will ONLY get 26% cash back on your subscription (all other magazines will score you 52% cash back).
That means you can score a 1-year subscription to All You magazine on Magazines.com for just $14.78 (after the 26% cash back)! That makes each issue just $1.23! Or even better, you may instead want to consider purchasing a 2-year subscription to All You for $34, so after the 26% cash back, you’ll pay ONLY $25.16 – which makes each issue only $1.05!

…And keep in mind that if you are a new member to Ebates, you’ll earn a $10 bonus gift card to the store of your choice once you make a purchase of $25 or more (which you will have done with the 2 year subscription). That will bring the cost of this 2-year subscription down to just $15.16. That makes each issue only $0.63! Even if you already have a subscription, you may want to think about getting an additional one at this price. Double the subscriptions means double the coupons!

Here’s how to get this deal…
*Go here to create an Ebates account or login to your existing account.

*Click on the Magazines.com link and you will be redirected to their site.

*Type “All You” in the search box

*Choose either the $19.97 1-year subscription or the $34 2-year subscription

*Add the subscription to your cart and checkout.

*A few days after doing this (maybe sooner) check your Ebates account. You should see a $10 bonus gift card (if you’re new and purchased the 2 year subscription) and a 26% cash back credit!

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