Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guy and Eva Jewerly

My sweet friend Jennifer, recently started selling Guy and Eva Jewelry and she dropped me off a pair of precious earrings last Friday and I have worn them every since. If you haven't seen this jewelry, you don't need to delay any longer!!!! These pieces are so trendy, classic and even affordable. Even celebrities out there are wearing them, and with the price you can too!!

Want to make extra money and earn free fabulous jewelry?
Want to sell the same jewelry that Paris Hilton, Ashley Greene,
Lauren Alaina, and Taylor Swift are all wearing?
Become a Guy and Eva Advisor!

Being an advisor allows you to bring happiness to other women by introducing them to beautiful and affordable jewelry!
Bring Guy and Eva to your town!!!
Contact for more information!

Want Free Jewelry???
Host a Guy and Eva Jewelry Party!
~Three different ways: Online, Catalog, or At Home~

For Southern Savings and Deals followers:
When you book a party and mention Southern Savings and Deals, I will give you an
extra $30 free jewelry credit once your party is closed!
(A party should have a minimum of $100 in sales.)

Other hostess rewards include:
You will receive 20% of your total party sales in free jewelry!
As your jewelry party sales increase, so does the number of items you can choose at 50% discount!
For every party that is booked by a guest at your jewelry party (there is no limit) and held within 30 days following the close of your party, you receive an additional $30 credit toward your FREE jewelry purchases!

Want to purchase some fabulous Guy and Eva jewelry??

If you’d like to place an online order, you may do so by entering
in the party code #2335 and click Validate!

All jewelry has a lifetime guarantee!

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