Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Thoughts on Extreme Couponing

Did you watch the new episodes of Extreme Couponing??

Well, I did and let me just go ahead and say that in order to coupon, you don’t have/need to go that extreme!!!! I was blown away by the toilet paper under the kids beds and the food items in some of the ladies bedrooms/closets. I mean really, are they going to eat that much before it expires??

If you are new to couponing, please don’t let that show scare you away from couponing!! I’ve been couponing for over 5 years and my stockpile looks nothing like that. Yes, stockpiling is the key to couponing, but you don’t need to stockpile for months or even years, you only need enough to last you about 4-6 weeks because typically those items will go back on sale again. (This is my method and it saved us over $7000 last year alone and we’ve been able to bring our grocery bill down to $20-$30 per week)

Now, let’s say you can get something free, then go ahead and get as many as you can and DONATE it!! There are a ton of organizations out there that would love those items, so instead of letting the items sit in your closets of up underneath your kids beds, give it to others. The sad part of this show is that most stores will probably change their policies after seeing the ladies shop like this every week. Keep in mind that a store has the right to change their policy at any time and I’ve heard that Publix will be changing their policy again soon. If any store changes it policy, I’ll be posting it on the website ASAP. (I’m hoping the policies stay the same, because surely the corporate office realizes that every woman/man out there that uses coupons, doesn’t shop like this)

Don’t worry though!!! You can still save a ton of money by using coupons the right way and my not going overboard with coupons. Just stockpile enough to last you about 4-6 weeks when an item is on sale and you will start to see the savings before long.

So, will I continue to watch the show?? Probably yes, however, I don’t plan on going that extreme any time soon and I don’t plan on storing items under beds, in closets, or in my little boys play room. What are your thoughts about the show last night??


  1. I agree! Going that far is ridiculous! Clearing the shelves are also not fair to everyone else out there. Hopefully after people see how crazy they look on tv, they will change their crazy ways! :P

  2. I would love to have a stockpile but not that extreme. What really irritated me about the show was that one lady had to "clean the shelf" of mustard. That's ridiculous. No one could ever eat that much mustard. I know that some of them had large families and their stockpile would be larger than normal, but I saw a lot that could have probably been donated.

  3. I agree. I do have a "stockpile" but only about a month any given item. With the exception of laundry detergent I have about six months only because it was BOGO and I had extra coupons. I do not really stack unless you consider a purchase required to use another coupon (new philapelphia creme and chicken). I save an average of 70 percent and rarely spend more than 40 dollars a week including dog food for five dogs.

  4. I agree. I've gotten a good bit of this stocked but nothing like that! I was angry at the woman who took all but one mustard. I mean sure she got a lifetime supply, but we all know the next time it goes on sale she'll probably go nuts and buy another ridiculous amount. All in all I will probably watch just to see more of these crazy coupon hoarders. :) Let us know what the policy change is. I sure do hope it's for the better!

  5. I feel like the "Extreme Couponing" series will do more harm than good for coupon users. I agree that due to this series it could very well cause other stores to change their coupon policies. It is one thing to want to save money during these hard economic times, but it is something entirely different when you become greedy with it. I agree that if you are able to get such large quantities of groceries why not donate them to those in need. I personally am able to help out my oldest son who lives on his own. I take alot of my extras and give to him and this saves him money as well. I am able to provide groceries for basically 2 households for half the price of what I used to pay for just my household alone.