Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Frugal Ideas

Here are a few ideas that some of my readers emailed me a few weeks ago for some frugal Christmas gift ideas. I love all the ideas and thanks to everyone who emailed me!!

1. Soap Making
(Thanks Amber!)
All you need is glycerin, some type of mold and a scent to give the soap fragrance. Food coloring can also be used to color the soap. Glycerin can be purchase at all craft stores and is melted in the microwave. Add scent and/or color and then pour into mold. Allow time for the soap to harden and pop out of the mold. Then you can package it in a creative way!

2. Pasta Baskets (Thanks Miranda!)
Buy spaghetti sauces and pasta with coupons. Put three jars of spaghetti sauce, three boxes of pasta in a basket with a can of parmesan cheese and maybe a dish towel or two.

3. Make Bread
(Thanks Allie!)
Make your own bread and wrap either in a Christmas dish towel or put on a decorative plate.

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