Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baseball Card Holders

I've had a number of people email me and tell me that they can't find any baseball card holders in Tuscaloosa or Northport. A few others emailed me and said that Bob's Card Shop in the Mall has them for 5 for $1, so you might want to check there.
Thanks Rachel!


  1. I found some at Target, up front by the registers with the baseball cards.

  2. Academy Sports has the baseball card holders. Located at one of the checkout counters, they are in a package of 30 sheets for $4.99.

    Happy Couponing, Carol

  3. Wal~mart usually has a lot of them. They are near a front register where they have the sports card collection. I also use the cd inserts for binders. They are good when you have multiple coupons....like the Glade coupons.