Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reader Savings!!!

Brittany attended a class a few weeks ago and had a wonderful trip to Target & Walgreens last week!!

She bought the following:
6 cans chef boyardee
6 jars of ragu
1 gallon milk
2 loaves Coles garlic bread
2 boxes cinnamon toast crunch
7 boxes of huggies wipes
4 23 ounce tubs of similac sensitive
2 bottles of scrubbing bubbles BR cleaner
1 box rice cereal
1 bottle rubbing alcohol
1 bottle hand sanitizer
2 boxes of quart size ziploc storage bags
1 box gallon size ziploc freezer bags
1 box gallon size ziploc storage bags
4 packs of snack pack pudding
4 bottles wishbone dressing
1 bottle cocoa butter lotion
2 boxes crystal light pure
1 Venus razor
2 packs Oreos
1 pack cascade action pacs
1 pack of kotex pads
1 loaf pepperidge arm cinnamon bread

She spent $95 OOP and Saved $137!!! Way to go Brittany!

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