Sunday, June 6, 2010

Challenges of Couponing

Do you have any challenges when it comes to couponing??
Here are a few that some of my readers sent me this week. If you have any more, please send them to or I would love to know what makes couponing difficult for you. Thanks to everyone who sent them to me.

Challenge #1: Getting overwhelmed

Solution: Try to only shop at 1 or 2 stores. If you're starting out I would stick to Publix (if it's in your area) and CVS. **Remember, you don't have to get every deal that's out there.

Challenge #2: Forgetting what to buy at the stores.

Solution: Make a list and stick to it! Have your list ready and all of your coupons ready to hand over to the cashier.

Challenge #3: Organization

Solution: Pick 1 of the 3 organization methods that I've discussed before and make sure that you keep your file current at all times.

Challenge #4: Learning how to coupon the right way and making the most of your money.

Solution: Come to a coupon class to learn how to make the most of your money. I will go over tips, store policies, how to shop at CVS, Walgreens and Publix.

Challenge #4: Buying items when they are on sale instead of when they are not on sale.

Solution: Remember to always check your sale ads for the week. Also, if something is on sale this week, it will probably be on sale again in a few weeks so try to wait until it goes back on sale to purchase the item.

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