Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Question and Answer Time: Part 2

I have so many people ask me where I get all the coupons that I use on a weekly basis, the answer it that I get them everywhere! Here are a few of my favorite places to get coupons:

**Remember you can get 2 coupons for every coupon on each site per computer. If you have more computers, make sure to print out the coupons you want on both computers.

4. Ebay (If you know of a certain coupon that you will use alot, check on ebay to see if you can buy them). For example: I just bought 20 Vicks coupons for $1.50 off an item for only $2.00 shipped to my house. I have used these at Publix to buy the travel size Dayquil and Nyquil products for $1.29 each. In the end I get $0.21 overage toward other groceries with every coupon I use + a travel size item!

5. Local Newspapers. When I first started couponing, I used basically all Internet coupons, however over the past few months I have come to LOVE newspaper coupons because they are so much better! I usually get 2-3 newspapers each Sunday so that I can get multiple copies of each coupon.

6. Ask Friends and Family Members for their coupons.

**If you are new to couponing and want to know how to get started, email me at southernsavings@aol.com. I will be having a coupon class at the end of April and in May. If you have friends who would like to learn as well, I'll be glad to host a couponing party for just you and your friends! You'll learn lots of valuable information and you will walk away ready to save money on your groceries!!

**Also, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter on the left hand side of the page. Make sure to verify your email address or you will not get the emails. Also, check your spam folders for weekly email updates from Southersavings@aol.com. I have sent out a few emails over the past few weeks, but I'm not sure if anyone is getting those. If not, you make want to check your spam folder. Thanks and Happy Shopping!

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