Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CVS Deal: Pepsi Products

If you drink alot of Pepsi products like my family, then you should head over to CVS to stock up on Pepsi. You can buy 6 packs (12 cans) for $20.00, but you will then get $10.00 back in Extra Care Bucks. Then you can do the same transaction and use your $10.00 rewards and only pay $10.00 and get $10 back again.

Transaction 1:
6 packs == $20.00
Out of pocket: $20.00
Earn $10.00 ECB's

Transaction 2:
6 packs == $20.00
Use $10.00 ECB's
Out of Pocket: $10.00
Earn $10.00 ECB's

So after using the ECB's you will only spend $30.00 out of pocket and will get $10.00 ECB's back in the end. ($20.00 total for 12 packs == $1.66 per 12 pack)

** Then you can send in a the Coor's rebate for $10.00 back.**
(You do not have to buy beer to get this rebate, Pepsi Products count towards this rebate)

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