Friday, January 29, 2010

Blog Hop: Fashion Tips

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is having a blog hop on fashion tips this week, so I decided I would post some cheap and reasonable fashion tips.

1. Buy Stuff at the end of each season for next year. (For example: A lot of stores are having great sales on winter items now, go ahead and stock up for next year)

Here are a few sites that are having some great sales right now:

Newport News

Old Navy


2. Accessories make an outfit! Buy jewelry and other accessories at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Charming Charlies. Both places are very reasonable and are perfect for everyday outfits.

3. Don't spend alot of money on trendy items. Most of the time, they will not be the big trend the following year, so why waste all your money on that item. For these items, try the stores above or TJ Max or Ross. You can find some great looks for alot less expensive at these stores.

4. Spend money on the items you will wear from year to year (Blue Jeans, Black Pants, Black Dress Shes, Etc.) You will definitely get your monies worth out of those items.


  1. I agree with your number 4. I splurged and bought a pair of Joe Jeans and they are absolutely the best purchase I've ever made!

  2. Hi,

    I also totally agree with spending money on those timeless pieces of your wardrobe. You end up making all of your money back anyway. Another way I look at an expensive purchase is like this: say I want a pair of $300 black boots and I will wear them 100 times so each time I wear them they cost me $3.00. I can handle the $3.00.

    Thanks for sharing!



  3. Yes, it's a great time right now to get some winter clothes for a bargain, good tips!