Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snow White DVD $0.95

Get the New Disney Snow White for $0.95 starting Oct. 6th (if you have the older version).
Here’s how:

2) Go to How it Works and Click on “Enter Code”

3) Enter the ISBN code from your Older version of Snow White

4) Follow the steps to print a $10 off coupon on the new version (you can actually print 2)

5) These go on sale on October 6th and that week should be $15.95 at Wal-mart

6) Now buy any Hefty Plate, Easy Grip Cup or Baggies product from 9/22/09-1/10/10

These purchases do not have to be at the same time or the same store, so grab Hefty plates when they are B1G1 with a coupon for around $.50 cents and you have a great deal!!
Thanks Frugal Coupon Living!

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