Friday, July 31, 2009

Old Navy Coupons!

The high value coupons are gone already, but you can still snag some other good coupons.

Here are the locations:

25% off purchase: Click flower in box with girls

10% off Purchase when you buy kids item: Click arrow next to dog

10% off Purchase when you buy item of week: Click yellow earphones on girl with pink shoes.

15% off when you buy item of week: Sign up for Text Updates (bottom)

Already gone:
$50 off $100: Move camera to woman in “Plastic Power Couple”, click on it, then quickly click picture

$75 off $100: Click dog to bark, then click on squirrel that runs behind 2 kids (very quick and only works on first try)

The item of the week is only $8 (the women’s blousy v-neck top), pair it with a coupon for an even better deal!

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